The requirements and specification of your company is foremost when negotiations are carried out on your behalf. Anwancorp Ltd. will work with factory owners to provide you and your company with a comprehensive quotation at your target price or below. With the quality relations we have built with manufacturers in a variety of industries we can help you achieve your goals and complete your project order.

Our aim is for you to receive a quality product at your price to give you a competitive stand in the market and for our Chinese supplier's manufacturing facility to receive ongoing contract building a strong personal business relationship.

We welcome small quantity buyers, drop shippers & wholesalers to try our service. We have a very reasonable service charge because we prefer a stable and long term co-operation with our clients. Please feel free to contact us for any queries. We also welcome potential investor or partners who are interested in investing in our company or can act as our agent in their country and introduce clients to us. Please send us an email; we would be happy to discuss the details.

Why Choose Us

We provide a sourcing expertise for companies which are looking for developing their sourcing in China. We develop a global partnership with excellent companies that have the same target as ours and strive to become a bridge linking customer and China qualified suppliers.

We enable our customers to achieve competitive advantage by working directly with Chinese suppliers without utilizing a trading company or other intermediary. Our approach allows our customers to leverage our Sourcing expertise and experience in China.

Simple Sourcing Steps:

  1. You supply product information such as specifications, pictures, special material requirements, packaging, target price, date required, quantities (link - Minimum order requirements) and anticipated lead-time.
  2. A thorough analysis of your product is performed by Anwancorp Ltd. Our staff will determine if is a 'sourcing project' or a 'contract manufacturing project'
    1. Sourcing Project - the product is currently being manufactured within your specifications
    2. Contract Manufacturing Project - the product is not currently being manufactured at your specifications however it can be produced. Samples may include a small "molding" charge.
  3. Anwancorp will source your products working on your behalf to negociate the best prices available for you. We will provide your company with a quotation including our service fee for your product which will include estimated manufacturing and delivery times.
  4. If you request a sample order a quotation will be provided. Post inspection and approval the purchase order for the contract quantities are placed.
  5. You advise us of your preferred shipping methods (air or sea freight).
  6. Production is completed, packaged according to your specifications and your order is loaded into a shipping container and delivered to your destination.

With Anwancorp it really is that simple!


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Anwancorp Advantage

Anwancorp has the experience and expertise to ensure that companies are successful in benefiting from the opportunities and challenges offered by China.

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Giving you the competitive edge, means you win with your customers. Our goal is to give you the best prices while maintaining quality.

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