Our Services

Anwancorp Ltd provides a complete service for anyone needing China sourcing services.  Our company objectives are to source and supply the highest quality products at the most competitive prices.  We do this by working as close as possible to the supplier locations and employing experienced bi-lingual staff to source products or services.  Our goal is always to supply products with insurance of their quality. Anwancorp operates on behalf of their customer and not the factory, to ensure our service provides good quality at a low price.

Anwancorp provides the following services:

  1. China sourcing for existing products
  2. China sourcing for new products and suppliers
  3. China sourcing (wholesale) for low volumes
  4. Selection of China manufacturing suppliers for larger volumes
  5. Outsourcing manufacturing management
  6. Extensive and dedicate quality control
  7. Logistics and shipping to all parts of the world

Anwancorp also works with their customers in the following ways:

  • Sourcing, supplying and shipping product to accepted prices and terms.
  • Sourcing product to an agreed fee.
  • Sourcing, supplying and shipping product on a commission structure (normally for large, repeating orders).
  • Quality control services to an agreed fee.

Over the years, we have gathered substantial experience and knowledge in procurement. We have established relationships with many factories in China.  Leveraging on these, we are helping third party clients to source products from all over China. China is a huge country which has many factories for many different products.  Buying a particular product can be a very costly and difficult process especially when most buyers are unaware of which factories are reliable and worthy of trust and then overcoming a series of trial and error experiences.  Communicating and negotiating with the factories, obtaining samples and ensuring prompt production and acceptable product quality (quality controls & quality inspections) are some of the issues any potential buyer will have to face when dealing with Chinese factories.  We have experienced and dealt with these ourselves and we can add value by sharing our experience and circumventing any potential problems.

Why Choose Us

We provide a sourcing expertise for companies which are looking for developing their sourcing in China. We develop a global partnership with excellent companies that have the same target as ours and strive to become a bridge linking customer and China qualified suppliers.

We enable our customers to achieve competitive advantage by working directly with Chinese suppliers without utilizing a trading company or other intermediary. Our approach allows our customers to leverage our Sourcing expertise and experience in China.

Popular Products

Anwancorp Advantage

Anwancorp has the experience and expertise to ensure that companies are successful in benefiting from the opportunities and challenges offered by China.

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Giving you the competitive edge, means you win with your customers. Our goal is to give you the best prices while maintaining quality.

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